Curator:  Duan Yuting

The Birdhead World” is a world of two uninhibited photographers who are obsessed with looking at the planet through photography and rebellious against stereotype at the same time. They frenetically swallow the world with their cameras, as if it is the only way to seize the fleeting moments and the void of time.


© Birdhead

Courtesy of the artist and ShanghART Gallery

Photography is just one of their emotional outlets, which has not been able to fully satisfy their craving since early on. With a strong passion for life, they are continuously motivated like heroic warriors to fiddle with all sorts of strange materials: ink, paint, wood, resin, iron, nails, fur, etc. They are competing with themselves and also with the boundaries that confine them. In their project, "Tang and Song Poetry", they have found a new way to look at the world from oriental perspectives through a gigantic matrix of images, a distinctive arrangement that is noticeably different from Western art. This is not simply a way to characterize themselves, but a precursor to something more unique to come.


Birdhead is unmistakably the most elusive artists in Chinese contemporary photography today.  Since their first exhibition in Lianzhou in 2005, Bird Head has always stayed true to themselves in a way that cannot be defined outside of their own world. “The Birdhead World” is Birdhead themselves. For the Birdhead we know, their burning energy has never ceased to fuel them to move beyond existing boundaries.

The three images above

© Birdhead

Courtesy of the artist

About the Artist:

Birdhead, consisting of Song Tao (b. 1979) and Ji Weiyu (b. 1980), has been working in the medium of analog photography since it was established in 2004. The name "Birdhead" came from a random keystroke for film naming.  The artistic practice of Birdhead is based on photographs but also beyond the philosophy of photography. Capturing all the beings around them, the two members of Birdhead digest and apply the thinking mode of conceptual art into the context of their image interpretation. By combining the photographic matrix, collage, installation, particular mounting technique and so on, Birdhead delivers a “Birdhead world” in various exhibition spaces and humanistic environment.