Everyone has the first year of their own memory. For Li Lang, his first year of memory is the year of 1974.  The exhibition "1974" consists of the projectors looping 390 film slides, a voice-over telling stories about the memories happened in 1974, the memorabilia from 1974 sorting out the affairs, and the memory-based texts directly written on the wall. In the room with dark green wall skirt, resembled the indoor public space of the 1970s' China, this work reconstructs the imagine of the artist's first year of memory through showing the family memorial photos projected, and with the voice-over in the background. In this theater-liked dark space, the sound and these film photos are not only the trace and the memories from the past, they are searching for the possibility of communicating with the reality. The viewers are not asked to accept its narrative, but to become an explorer of the history.